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MySuper is part of the Stronger Super reforms announced in September 2011 by the Gillard Labor government for the Australian superannuation industry to replace the previous default funds system with a new default system using low cost and simple superannuation products. MySuper compliant products may be provided by industry super funds, as well as retail super funds.

Nick mentioned, "I ended up with Catholic Super because my employer at the time sent my super to the wrong fund. Both myself and my employer tried unsuccesfully to transfer the misplaced funds to my usual super fund. In the end the funds were chewed up in fees. I did some research that seemed to indicate that Catholic Super were a good performer, so I decided to stay with them. In retrospect this was a mistake. I recently decided to change Super Funds to a better performing fund. This process, again took months. In the end, they only released my super after I threatened that I would report them to the Superannuation Tribunal. After months of what could only be either appallingly unprofessional administrative blunders or outright dishonesty they ‘changed their tune’ overnight- after being threatened."


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